What Relationship Type Fits You?

A complete list of relationship models.

Maybe I’d be of no help by offering you more ways to be confused about relationships, what you want, and what is healthy. Or maybe you’ve always known that monogamy wasn't fulfilling but were only aware of general polygamy and polyamory as options. Either way, I have compiled a complete list of different relationship models, but keep in mind, there is no judgement here, here we create our own ethics, enjoy.

Idealized Mono-amory

Choosing only one love, one person to be sexually intimate with and commit yourself to.


Being in a committed relationship but still having outside physical or emotionally intimate relationships.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

When your partner permits you to have affairs but you two choose not to talk about who it is or what you do with them.

Open Relationship

Both partners are okay with outside affairs, what the limits are of those affairs is dependent upon what the couple decides.


Being married to two people even if only one marriage is recognized legally, one person is committed to both relationships.


Three people choosing to equally commit to only each other and no one else.

Hierarchical Polyamory

Two people are in a relationship and one of the persons has an outside relationship, yet it is agreed upon that the outside person comes last in terms of needs and desires.

Egalitarian Polyamory

Three people are in a relationship together, but all of them have outside relationships and all relationships are respected, there is no hierarchy.

Solo Polyamory

When a person has two partners that he or she loves but does not want to move in with any of them as they need autonomy and time and space for their-selves.

Relationship Anarchy

There are no titles, no expectations, no primary partners; everyone dates who they want and in what way they want.

Arranged Monogamy

When two people agree to commitment based on needs i.e. finances, prestige, stability, co-parenting, protection, etc.

Detached Monogamy

When a couple leads separate lives; does not live together, potentially does not merge finances, may schedule kids time at each house etc. but they are in a committed relationship.

Emotional Monogamy

Being committed to one person, but sexually available in other affairs. This may look like living with your partner, married, have children, but you two have chosen not to be physically intimate with each other.

Sexual Monogamy

This is the opposite of Emotional monogamy; two people commit to being sexually limited to only each other but they casually date outside of their relationship.

If you learned something new share the wealth, if you like the content, follow the blog, there’s more where this came from. Stay safe out there.



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