How Logic is Used Against You.

Burying the Lead. Burying the lead is a logical fallacy that I fell victim of recently. People who are the most informed are often times the easiest to deceive, more on that another time. Back to Burying the Lead — this is a common deception ploy dancing all in your web browsers, blogs, YouTube videos, social media — a person uses it by starting a story, lecture, or argument with a concept that you can agree with or a fact that is indisputable and then as the conversation or the narrative continues it changes into a more illogical or unreasonable narrative, but because it started off immersed in or surrounded in truth or logic, people are more likely to believe it.

It is imperative that we understand argumentation tactics as we have access to insurmountable information with no real training on how to filter through it. There is no safeguard against bad data, no way to determine what information is useless or worth holding on to, we’ve never lived in a time like this and we will not know the consequences of it until far into the future, like most things.

If you’re like me and learning how to critical think excites you as much as a nude from a new lover or an early direct deposit, subscribe to as I will be uncovering more deception tactics and details we should pay attention to in an info saturated world.

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